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HomeNewsDubai Guangshen Smart City launches grand investment promotion……

Dubai Guangshen Smart City launches grand investment promotion……

Dubai Guangshen Smart City launches grand investment promotion, creating “10,000aed to open a shop”, assisting creators to build their dreams in the Middle East!

In the post-epidemic era, opening a new pattern of international commodity trade, Dubai Guangshen Smart City is in line with the trend of globalization of trade circulation, bearing the pioneering new task of helping Chinese commodities to go abroad, “based on the Middle East, radiating the world”! On May 2, 2022, Dubai Guangshen Smart City will officially launch its grand investment promotion, wait and see!
Dubai Guangshen Smart City (Dragon 2), only 15 minutes away from the city centre, is built under the support of the government based on the concept of PLUS+ of Dragon 1, aiming to establish an online + offline digital full-mode distribution platform for Middle East commodities with the market as the leader, industry as the backbone and logistics as the basis.
With an area of 70,000+ square metres, Dubai Guangshen Smart City has a 100-strong elite property management team; supply chain finance jointly established with China Renaissance Bank,, China Digital Innovation Association and UAE China Cross Border E-Commerce Association, providing double cross-border financial protection for buyers and sellers; a unique digital showroom of the Premium Centre; comprehensive shopping mall facilities; an omni-channel operation team; and mature domestic commercial Brands are stationed in the mall, bringing their own traffic and popularity. The entire commercial planning covers five major areas, including household products, mother and child services and trade, leisure and entertainment, and small commodities and hardware, etc. It is the largest comprehensive Chinese shopping mall integrating exhibition and trade, storage and logistics, technology services and information exchange.
Under the current economic development situation, “national products” are favoured by the Middle East and African countries, and the export of Chinese specialties has formed an immediate demand for trade. This is the reason why Dubai Guangshen Smart City has launched the “Entrepreneur’s House” activity, which will give back to the first batch of merchants with the “10,000 yuan to open a shop” project, a significant policy to support small investors, especially young entrepreneurs. We will create good conditions for good products and technology in China, provide a massive selection environment from home to abroad, stable warehousing and logistics, extremely cost-effective terminal shops, safe and secure financial payments and other one-stop services, so that creators can easily enter the Middle East, worry-free entrepreneurship, and dream for the future!       
You can get 4 months free rent when you move in for the first month from now! Free marketing and a 100 sqm stall for $10,000! Dubai Guangshen Smart City will invite all those who are interested to build a trade circle for Chinese products in the Middle East and help Chinese products to go abroad.

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