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Drogba: We need Zaha – Last minute Galatasaray news

Ivory Coastal legend Didier Drogba spoke about Zaha not being included in the African Cup squad. In his statement, Drogba said, “We should not select players using emotions. I believe Zaha deserves to be in the national team. As a country, we need his quality.” Former Ivorian player Monoko said, “Zaha played in the biggest league in the world and then transferred to Galatasaray and became an excellent person.”


Africa Speaking to the press, Wilfried Zaha announced that he did not join the national team because of his own choice. The Ivory Coast star said, “I did not go to Galatasaray after talking to each other about the national team because I had to stay in Galatasaray, complete my physical level and prove myself here.” Regarding his situation in the club, he said, “We just laugh at the salary issues and chronic situations raised about us. “I feel that Galatasaray fans embrace me and wait patiently for me,” he said.