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Do you know the most prominent services from Dubai Hospital affiliated with Dubai Health?

Dubai Hospital provides its services to outpatients and patients in the various internal departments of the hospital in 26 medical and surgical specialties with a total capacity of 627 beds (432 beds and 195 beds for day care patients).

The hospital provides various services to about 160,000 to 180,000 outpatients annually.

The number of outpatient clinics in the outpatient clinics during 2021 reached more than 167,000 and the number of emergency room visitors in the year 2021 was 65,551. The number of patient admissions in the past year was 19,813 patients.

The hospital is working to improve patient travel in outpatient clinics by focusing on what should achieve patient comfort, as it has succeeded in meeting the growing demand for outpatient services.

Reducing waiting time and ensuring high quality and exceptional patient safety standards. The waiting time for a new appointment is less than 14 days, while the waiting time for a doctor’s visit after check-in is less than 21 minutes.

The hospital has succeeded in reducing the waiting time for patients inside the hospital so that it does not exceed 21 minutes in the specialized clinics, while the waiting time in the emergency department is subject to the classification of the case.

The hospital’s development work also included an increase in the number of rooms operating with the negative pressure function to reach 199 rooms, as well as a significant increase in fans.

Continues to provide remote consultation services to patients who can provide medical services and consultations without having to visit the hospital. Policies have been developed for these consultations to ensure the safety of our auditors.

Establishment of joint clinics with a desire to help patients suffering from several chronic diseases and in need of health care from two or more medical specialties at the same time.

Merging some clinics and establishing more joint clinics to reduce more visits for this category of patients and thus save time and effort, which will positively impact the increase in customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

Among these clinics are “Diabetes Clinic, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Rheumatology and Obstetrics Clinic, Joint Clinic for Cardiology and Obstetrics, and the Joint Clinic for Rheumatology and Kidney Diseases.”

The hospital has developed fast-track clinics to help reduce anxiety in some groups of patients, especially cancer patients, oncology patients, to include the Fast-Track Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and the Fast-track Clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.