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Discover the Novels of Alain Couture – PRWire


Discover the Novels of Author Alain Couture

Alain Couture, a retired teacher who dedicated more than thirty-five years to education, is now an author of captivating novels that blend reality and imagination. With a career rich in human experiences, Alain now shares his engaging stories through his literary works.

About the Author

Alain Couture spent over three decades in the field of education, teaching at all levels, from preschool to adult education. With this rich and diverse human experience, he now devotes himself to writing novels. Alain draws from his life to create unique and immersive stories where the real and the imaginary meet. His passion for writing and computers is reflected in his works, offering readers worlds that are both familiar and extraordinary.

The Trilogy – The Dumont Heirs

This series of novels explores the themes of rebuilding, heritage, and personal quest through three generations of the same family.

Volume 1: Equinox – The Day of the Call

Jacques Dumont, a successful entrepreneur, sees his life turned upside down during a dramatic business dinner. Forced to rebuild his life, he goes through trials that profoundly transform him. However, just when he seems to have regained control, a new drama occurs, leaving the reader breathless.

Volume 2: Jonathan’s Legacy

After his father’s tragic death, Jonathan discovers a series of puzzles left by him. Ten years after their last contact, he embarks on a quest to decipher this mysterious legacy, uncovering shocking truths and unexpected challenges.

Volume 3: The Saga of the Prodigal Son

This novel will be published before the end of this year. It tells the story of Jérémie, a rebellious teenager, determined to leave his Christian family to live his own experiences. His quest for freedom confronts him with unforeseen challenges that ultimately lead him back to paths he had sworn to avoid. An unexpected encounter disrupts his plans and changes his life.

Reader Reviews

Alain Couture’s novels have been praised for their smooth writing, well-researched plots, and touching themes such as family, grief, forgiveness, and redemption.

“I had a great time reading this book! From the start, I was convinced by the writing. You can tell the author put a lot of work into his novel, and it shows in his writing, which is both fluid and beautiful, without trying to do too much.” – Literary Blogger on Instagram

Alain Couture invites journalists and literary critics to discover his universe by visiting his website and requesting copies of his novels for potential review. His works are available for an in-depth review, and he would be delighted to provide copies upon request.

For more information or to request copies of his books, please contact:

Alain Couture