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Deira Islands .. the forgotten investment opportunities in Dubai

The Deira Islands project in Dubai is considered one of the largest and largest real estate projects in Dubai.

This project was launched in 2004 by “Nakheel Real Estate Company” with a value of 11 billion dirhams, and in 2013 the name of the project was changed to “Deira Islands”, and this change accompanied a qualitative leap in construction and development, which added with it a movement in the real estate sector and the real estate market Waterfront, where the project is estimated to add about 40 kilometers of coastline and more than 21 kilometers of beaches to the Emirate of Dubai.A coastal area is not insignificant, especially in light of the demand that waterfront properties testify.

Large and huge investment opportunities are almost forgotten in the “Deira Islands”, and developers and investors should pay attention to them in order to give more momentum to the real estate sector.

The Deira Islands project is considered as one of the prestigious sites for launching luxury real estate projects, which is witnessing a decline in supply in the market compared to a high demand for it.

When we talk about the fruitful real estate opportunities on “Deira Islands”, we are talking about a new investment value that any real estate developer can acquire and add to his real estate portfolio in Dubai, and at the same time we are talking about opportunities similar to the investment opportunities in “Palm Jumeirah”, which do not are Two different.

The “Deira Islands” are characterized by a developed location, space, views and infrastructure, where the figures show that one spends more than eight billion dirhams on developing its infrastructure and connecting it with bridges. And resorts including the Harbor Market, Deira Night Market, Deira Mall, Deira Island Towers, The Boulevard and international brands of hotels.

In light of this development and movement in the “Deira Islands”, how do you see the huge investment opportunities that it offers developers who want to change the coastal landscape of Dubai in the future? Especially since the area has plots of land on distinctive beach locations, ready for implementation of various real estate projects awaiting optimal utilization that support the competitiveness of the real estate sector in Dubai.

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Deira Islands is a new investment value that any property developer can acquire.