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Defense Minister Prabowo Calls RI An Example Of Developing Countries In Africa’s Eyes

Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto said a number of countries in Africa see Indonesia as a country that has succeeded in implementing national policies and global diplomacy, so that it is considered worthy of being a pilot at the level of developing countries.

“The important thing is that Africa is now looking at us,” Prabowo Subianto said after attending a limited meeting at the Jakarta Presidential Palace complex as reported by ANTARA, Thursday, June 13.

This was known by Prabowo based on the results of his working visit to a high-level conference (KTT) in Amman, Jordan, to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, Tuesday (11/6).

Dalam agenda tersebut, Prabowo bertemu dengan Presiden Republik Mozambique Felipe Nyusi dan Presiden Rwanda Paul Kagame.

“They really look at us. They see Indonesia as an example of the success of a developing country, a southern country,” he said.

The two Heads of State, said Prabowo, were interested in the Indonesian Government’s policy in responding to various social problems.

“Our steps, our courage to downstream, and our side to always be with the people who are experiencing difficulties in this world, really attract their attention,” he said.

At the diplomacy level at the Jordanian summit, said Prabowo, Indonesia appeared with a concrete commitment to respond to the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, Palestine.

“I think at this summit, Indonesia is the most concrete. We are ready to take 1,000 patients as the first step, we are ready to accept 1,000 children who are traumatized for us to go to school in Indonesia, but in time we return them. Those steps I think are appreciated by many countries,” he said.

Prabowo explained, this practice encourages the interest of many countries, especially Rwanda and Mozambique, which now intend to adopt the policies of the Government of Indonesia.

“So, they invite me a lot, ask for Indonesian support, ask for Indonesian help, ask for education in Indonesia,” he added.

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