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Countries where the cuisine is must-try necessity

Summer is fast approaching which can mean one thing – summer vacation. As many of us will plan to go on holiday, the question to ask is: Where to go? What do I want to see and do there? And at that moment the idea of food comes to my mind. Because sure, we don’t travel for the food only, but honestly, treating yourself to the amazing cuisine will put a cherry on top of the vacation and won’t hurt anybody, am I right?

  1. Italy, Italy and once more…. Italy! I know, this country can be overrated in many aspects but certainly not because of food. Pasta, pizza, desserts, gelato – all that and more, for which Italy is so famous. I don’t think there is any other country whose cuisine has charmed everyone in the world, and is eaten by millions of locals and tourists. Tomato, basil, mozzarella, olive oil – so little and yet so much to make one happy. The taste of freshly made pasta is something I could never get tired of, which is the reason I am putting it in first spot.
  2. India: The land of spices, rich colours, the smell of kari, and the sacred family recipes of how to make the most from the local resources. I have already tried some of the town centre Indian restaurants, but as many have told me, nothing compares to the joy of tasting the original fresh meals with family in India. I can’t wait for the day I will be able to try it myself.
  3. Spain Craving some paella or sangría? The mix of seafood, vegetables, wine and sun. Spanish cuisine can excite anyone with their light dishes and long periods of lunches and dinners. The cuisine itself is simple, yet so rich and creative. The way that eating small tapas can last you the whole evening, and there is everything to offer – meat, potatoes, cake, and a lot of red wine. Spain might not live for the food, but they certainly know how to enjoy it – and you will too.
  4. Morocco The traditional cuisine in Morocco seems a bit overlooked for absolutely no reason! For those who might only know couscous and kefta, you may miss out on the delicious combination of chicken, lamb, lentils and rich spices. All together it sounds like a wonderful experience of smell and taste in an exotic country, so sign me up, I am on my way.

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