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Contribution to War-Disabled Veterans

Asmara, 20 April 2024 – Members of the ‘EPLF-Hgdef Vision Paltalk Room’ group, residing in various countries, contributed a 4.4 kW solar system valued at 120,000 Nakfa to war-disabled veteran fighters at Denden Camp.

During the handover ceremony organized at the central office of the National Association of Eritrean War-Disabled Veterans, it was reported that the solar system will significantly contribute to facilitating the daily activities of the veterans.

The members of the ‘EPLF-Hgdef Vision Paltalk Room’ emphasized that supporting war-disabled veterans is the responsibility of every citizen and expressed their readiness to use everything at their disposal to support them.

Mr. Yemane Araya, head of the War-Disabled Veterans Camp, commended the initiative taken by the group and called on others to follow their noble example.

Documents indicate that the ‘EPLF-Hgdef Vision Paltalk Room’ group has been periodically extending material support to the National Association of Eritrean War-Disabled Veterans. Similarly, the Frankfurt branch of the National Association of Eritrean War-Disabled Veterans has donated 475,846 Nakfa to the association.