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Container traffic increases at Valencia terminals

According to the January Statistical Bulletin of the Port Authority of València (PAV), there has been a notable 5.11% increase in the volume of goods entering and departing from Valencian terminals compared to January 2023, surpassing six million tonnes in total (6,063,224 tonnes).

The container traffic has also seen a significant uptick, with the number of boxes entering and leaving the terminals rising by 10.93%, totalling 388,366 containers. This increase encompasses both loaded and empty containers.

The bulletin further delineates that during January, there was a surge in traffic for the iron and steel sector by 3.80% and a remarkable 20.72% increase in the fertilizer sector. Conversely, there was a notable decrease of 40.48% in the energy sector, while other sectors maintained similar figures to January 2023.

Breakdown data reveals a rise in full container traffic by 9.15% and empty container traffic by 16.81%. Transit TEU management exhibited a substantial growth of 24.63%. Regarding rail transport, there was a slight uptick of 0.74% in the number of containers transported by train compared to last year. Rail transport accounted for 8.47% of the total goods traffic in and out of Valencian docks.

Additionally, the bulletin indicates that ro-ro (/roll-off) traffic, which pertains to maritime ro-ro services, remained steady with a growth of 0.8%.

Once again, traffic with the Far East region has experienced notable growth, with the number of TEUs handled in the last month reaching 63,038, marking a substantial increase of 37.39% compared to January 2023.

Also, China remains the primary trading partner of Valenciaport, handling 48,936 containers, followed by the United States with 23,646 containers. Noteworthy increases in traffic with Valencia were observed from Saudi Arabia (+123.71%), Egypt (+122.71%), and Belgium (+109.95%), attributed to the rise in transshipment activity at Valencian docks, primarily originating from Asia and bound for other Mediterranean ports.

Analyzing traffic by country in tonnage, China (574,444 tonnes) has surpassed Italy (533,982 tonnes) to become Valenciaport’s second-largest trading partner. This shift in trend is attributed to a remarkable 240.82% surge in containers in transit from this Asian country.