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Chito, mali safi! How the Marakwet Daughter suffered for twenty years

Millicent Jerotich, renowned for her hit song “Mali Safi Chito,” has faced nearly two decades of struggles to achieve fame in the music industry, as disclosed in a recent interview. Her journey began in class four when she composed her first song, expressing gratitude during school fundraisers.

Having navigated secular songs for nearly ten years and gospel music for five, Jerotich finally found success with “Mali Safi Chito,” amassing over 7.8 million views on YouTube. Explaining the term “Chito” as a Kalenjin word meaning a person, she highlighted that “Mali Safi Chito” signifies a clean and good person, emphasizing that it can apply to anyone, be it a mother, father, child, or uncle.

Raised by her maternal grandfather, a World War II veteran turned missionary, Jerotich shared insights into her background. Despite her newfound fame, she often appeals for assistance, reflecting her humble upbringing.