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Central Air Conditioning Units Produced in Egypt for the First Time

The industrial units are capable of ventilating complete buildings throughout a location, like hotels and residential blocks.

The Heyer industrial factory in 10th of Ramadan City has begun producing central air conditioning units, the first of their kind to be built in Egypt. Units such as these are much larger than conventional air conditioning units, and are designed to service complete buildings through ventilation shafts located throughout the location.

Central air conditioning is already used in many buildings in Egypt, perhaps most notably in hotels, which use many of these units to ventilate the vast spaces across lobbies, restaurants, corridors and service areas. The production of these units within Egypt means less reliance on imported industrial units, even for the largest hotels, government buildings and residential blocks in the country.

The dedicated extension to the Heyer factory will begin construction in May, with production expected to begin by the end of the year, supplying units not only to facilities in Egypt but around the world.