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Capturing Cinema: Mohamed Bakr’s 50-Year Journey Showcased at Cairo Design Week

Throughout the Golden Age of Egyptian cinema, one individual stood out for his ability to capture the essence of the industry’s most iconic moments through the lens of his camera. Renowned as one of Egypt’s leading movie set photographers, Mohamed Bakr chronicled the behind-the-scenes magic of the country’s most beloved films since the 1950s. Photophia invites all cinema enthusiasts to “50 Years of Cinematic Portraits” to celebrate Egyptian cinema and Mohamed Bakr’s outstanding career. 

As a tribute to his extraordinary legacy, Photopia, a premier photography school studio based in Cairo, is proud to present the exhibition “50 Years of Cinematic Portraits,” featuring the masterful works of Mohamed Bakr. As a highlight of Cairo Design Week in Heliopolis, this exhibition honours Bakr’s profound impact on Egyptian cinema, showcasing his archival portraits from over 600 films spanning five decades.

Mohamed Bakr was a pivotal figure in the history of Egyptian cinema. He emerged as one of the most significant movie set photographers during the 1950s. He played a crucial role in capturing the essence of the industry’s revered “Golden Age”, documenting numerous behind-the-scenes moments that contributed to the rich cinematic heritage of Egypt.

Guests will have the unique opportunity to explore an exclusive collection of Bakr’s captivating photographs, acquire select pieces for their personal collections, and engage with stories from their favourite movie sets. The exhibition will include about 100 images from 80 films. They are primarily portraits of stars in diversified historical stages of Egyptian cinema. The exhibition begins on February 25th at 6 PM and goes on to the 11th of March, promising an unforgettable celebration of Bakr’s enduring contributions to the world of film and honouring his legacy.