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HomeNewsCanadian University Dubai students give back for Ramadan

Canadian University Dubai students give back for Ramadan

Canadian University Dubai students give back for Ramadan

Philanthropy club distributes care packages to ancillary teams

April 28th, 2022, Dubai, UAE: StudentsfromCanadian University Dubai (CUD) have embraced the spirit of Ramadan with the distribution of care packages to support ancillary teams across campus. The University’s student-led philanthropy club, CUDCares, arranged for the collection of household items and personal care supplies, which were gifted to members of the cleaning, maintenance, and security staff to mark the holy month.

Organized under the banner, ‘The Spirit of Gratitude’, the initiative aimed to give back to the CUD Community, especially those who are dedicated to supporting CUD behind the scenes. Speaking about the scheme, Public Relations student and President of CUDCares, Ardra Meletath, said, “Ever since its establishment, the philanthropy club has strived to organize initiatives that promote benevolence, tolerance and the welfare of others.

“Ramadan is a time for giving and our aim with the Spirit of Gratitude was to unite students, faculty, and staff to express our thanks to the University’s support community in a meaningful way. By supplying essential daily items through the collection drive, we hope that these team members are able to send more of their salary to support their own families and communities back home.”

The drive is one of a wide range of community engagement activities that CUDCares has been involved since 2017, spanning youth education programs to animal care initiatives. Speaking on behalf of the wider student body, Accounting and Finance major and Vice President of the CUD Student Council, Riya Sawlani, said, “Giving is more impactful than ever and by engaging in these initiatives, we as students feel that we are able to make a positive change in our community and grow up with a greater appreciation of what we ourselves have.”

She continued, “On a personal level, I have believed strongly in this cause from a young age. One may think that a simple donation might not make a difference, but small steps can eventually make a tremendous change. We hope that hearing about the work of CUDCares, other students and people around us become inspired to do the same for their own communities.”