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Can Cameroon’s Limited Squad Overcome Nigeria on Saturday?

In Cameroon, there is an acknowledgment that the current squad may not be their strongest, with notable absentees like Tchopuo-Moting, Abubakar Vincent, and Bryan Mbeumo of Brentford due to injuries. Despite these shortcomings, Cameroon is known for its ability to respond swiftly to challenges, which remains its greatest strength.

A notable example is the match against Algeria, a return leg qualifying match for the Qatar World Cup. Despite being officially out, Cameroon scored in the last minute of extra time to secure a spot in the Qatar 2022 tournament. This victory left a lasting impact on the Algerian team. Additionally, during the AFCON classification match against Burkina Faso last year, Cameroon found themselves 3-0 down but managed to score three goals within 15 minutes, securing the third-place spot.

Cameroonians generally believe their team is capable of surprising opponents and turning the tide even in challenging situations. In 2010 and 2017, against all odds as outsiders, Cameroon reached the finals against Egypt, winning their fifth star in the latter tournament.

Despite being considered at their weakest 40 years after winning in Cote d’Ivoire with a legendary squad, including players like Roger Mila, Abega Théophile, and Thomas Nkono, many Cameroonians are hopeful for a repeat performance against the Nigerian squad. Some predict a 3-1 victory for the Lions on Saturday, suggesting that where the eagle challenges, the lion will prevail.