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Vancouver Folk Music Festival announces its 2024 lineup

Back for its 47th year, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival has just announced its 2024 lineup of performing artists. Known as one of the city’s...
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Buthelezi & Bourdanné —

Nataal: How does your upbringing inspire the work you create?

TB: I grew up in Côte d’Ivoire until I was 15 but I have roots in Chad, Niger and Nigeria. My approach has always been to tell stories of my heritage to the world, and with time, I’ll be able to share and express myself even better. Moving to London allowed me to be bolder with my thinking and practice and, in a way, inspired me to go back to these countries to explore my heritage even further.

MB: My upbringing is pivotal in shaping my photographic narratives. Growing up in Soweto, I saw Black people were often captured through a Western lens and so I want to portray us in a different light to the one we’ve seen historically. My work aims to shift those negative or embarrassing narratives and to tell stories to be celebrated. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own individualism.