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Big Five Tours & Expeditions’ New Sustainable Initiative in Egypt

Big Five Tours & Expeditions has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative that redefines travel in Egypt by intertwining the thrill of archaeological discovery with the principles of sustainable tourism.

Travelers are invited to be part of a day in the life of an Egyptologist, working alongside local experts who are unearthing Egypt’s ancient secrets. This initiative shines a spotlight on the unsung heroes of archaeology—the local excavators and archaeologists.

Ashish Sanghrajka, President of Big Five Tours, expresses a deep commitment to social equity in tourism: “Our new initiative seeks to elevate the invaluable work of Egypt’s local archaeologists, providing them with fair wage jobs and the recognition they deserve,” he said in a press release statement. “These people are doing the most important work and Big Five is committed to creating fair wage jobs in archaeology for them shedding light on their efforts which often go un-noticed or are overshadowed. We want clients, as part of their custom-tailored experience, to have a front row seat and get involved in new and exciting discoveries while positively contributing to better the lives of the people impacted by their visit.”

The initiative arrives at a time when archaeological findings in Egypt are soaring, with six newsworthy discoveries per year since 2018—a stark increase from the early 20th century.

Customized Journeys into Antiquity in Egypt

Big Five’s personalized experiences allow travelers to venture into recently unearthed sites, such as a hidden chamber in Saqqara, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage site. These tailored expeditions offer an intimate glimpse into the past, with the added benefit that the revenue generated directly supports the local archaeologists.

This sustainable initiative stands as a testament to Big Five’s vision for the future of travel—one where each journey contributes positively to the destinations it touches. As Sanghrajka poignantly remarks, this is an homage to his father’s legacy and the company’s 51-year history of advocacy for the voiceless.

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