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Bank Muscat customers can avail a variety of services through its digital channels  – The Arabian Stories News

MUSCAT, 4 April 2024 – In line with its vision “To Serve You Better, Everyday”, Bank Muscat, the leading financial services provider in the Sultanate, has pointed out that customers can bank conveniently from the comfort of their homes or elsewhere 24/7 through the bank’s e-channels and digital channels. 

Considering the remarkable rise in e-channels usage over the past few years, the diversity and quality of the services provided witnessed as well a noticeable leap. Customers can enjoy a wide-array of services through Bank Muscat’s Mobile and Internet Banking, including transferring money within Bank Muscat’s accounts or to accounts in other local banks, and opening child account and transferring money from and to children’s account easily.  

Bank Muscat is keen to provide banking services to all customers to meet their needs, especially during holidays and Eid. Customers can use group transfers service to transfer Eidiya to family and friends. Among the services provided as well, speed transfer to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh and Egypt, fund transfers across the world via the SWIFT network, Zakat calculator and charity payments, updating Know Your Customer (KYC) details, applying for Themaar Savings or using the channels to invest in Bank Muscat Money Market Fund or Oryx Fund. 

Internet banking and the mBanking app also allow customers to disable or enable their debit card for international usage adding an extra layer of security for the benefit of customers. Customers can also get access to apply for credit cards or prepaid cards, financing products like personal or auto finance, motor insurance and cheque book. Bill payment facility is available for a variety of utility services such as electricity, water, telecom, mobile top ups, instant credit card bill payments, school payments etc. 

Speaking on the occasion, Abdullah Hamood Al Jufaili, Assistant General Manager – Digital Banking, Bank Muscat, said: “The availability of digital channels is an essential step to provide banking services and enhance a convenient experience to enable our customers to complete their banking transactions at all times and from anywhere without the need to visit the branches. The Bank is always keen to provide round-the-clock digital banking services during Ramadhan and the long holiday period. More than 1.8 million active customers on Mobile and Internet Banking are benefitting now form various services including fund transfers, speed transfers, group and Eidiya transfers, Zakat calculator and many more. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customers for their continuous trust in the digital services provided.” 

The bank ensures the availability of cash withdrawal and deposit services through more than 870 devices including ATMs and CDMs as part of the bank’s extensive network all over the Sultanate. These devices provide high quality of services such as requesting mini account statement, changing password and other services. 

Additionally, Bank Muscat also provides Soft Token App, an innovative mobile application that enables Bank Muscat Retail Banking customers to authenticate their Internet Banking transactions anytime and from anywhere; and Bank Muscat Remittance App which offers Speed Transfer services in a number of language options including Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu to enhance customer convenience. 

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