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HomeNewsBangladeshi expat wins Tk 500m in UAE raffle draw

Bangladeshi expat wins Tk 500m in UAE raffle draw

Bangladeshi expat wins Tk 500m in UAE raffle draw

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Arif Khan, a Bangladeshi expatriate living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has won Tk 485.8 million in a raffle draw held in Abu Dhabi recently.

Arif who lives in Sharjah and runs a car maintenance shop there has won the jackpot in the Big Ticket Abu Dhabi’s ‘Mighty 20 Million’, according to The Khaleej Times.

 Asked what he plans to do with the money mounting to more than 48.5 crore, he said he was still reeling from the news. “I don’t know. The fact that I’ve won Dh20 million is still sinking in. It’s only in the last half an hour or so that I started hearing these digits: ‘Dh20 million,'” he told The Khaleej Times.

“I don’t have set any plans. I saw the promotions of Big Ticket on the social media platforms and got interested. I’ve never tested my luck before. I worked in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. My business went down there. But now all is well,” Arif added.

“I always used to purchase tickets alone. I was just trying my luck. I’ve never bought any other lottery ticket in my life. I was buying for the past year,” he said. The Bangladeshi expatriate has been living in Sharjah for four years. He said he wants to use the winning amount to help those in need.

“I have two children, my wife and my parents. My brother runs a shop here. We’re a happy family. I hope this money can be used to help others. Money is the most dangerous thing in the world. So, I want to use it to help others and not let it change myself,” he added.