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Atlantis Dunes: A taste of Dubai in the Western Cape

Sometimes we forget how beautiful our country is and all it has to offer. Look no further than 45km from the city of Cape Town.

Atlantis Dunes, also known as Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve, offers some of the best adventures around.

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Whether or not you’re an adrenaline junkie, Atlantis Dunes is a fun adventure for everyone to enjoy. Forget about Dubai, Cape Town has its very own ‘desert’.

The adventures include quad biking, photoshoots, a 4×4 experience and ultimate sandboarding.

Quad biking is probably one of the best experiences on the white sandy dunes. On arrival, you are given a helmet and a set of safety precautions and rules before hitting the dunes.

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Once you’re quad biking, you’re immediately mesmerised by the beauty around you. You are able to see views of Table Mountain, capturing Cape Town in its finest form.

Now, you may wonder how transportation works on the dunes. They transport you onto the dunes with 4×4 vehicles. Imagine that? A roller-coaster on the dunes.

You will then be driven up to the top of the dunes, so there’s no need for walking up and exhausting yourself, I mean, your energy needs to be exerted elsewhere, like, sandboarding!

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You are guaranteed an amazing experience filled with bucket loads of fun on the dunes, including, sandboarding down them.

There are workers ready to help you gear up for your journey down. The sandboards are freshly polished to ensure a smooth run.


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ATV quad biking – R950 per person, minimum 2 people, for an hour.

Classic sandboarding – 4×4 drive in and out of the dunes, safety and training and walk up the dunes and sandboard down, the duration for 2.5 hours, R660 per person. Minimum 3 people.

Ultimate 4×4 sandboarding – 4×4 drive in and out of the dunes, safety and training, then lift till on top of the dunes. You then sandboard down and get driven back up. R900 per person, minimum 3 people to make a booking.

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This is an exciting adventure for everyone, you can experience this with your friends and family, making it an even better experience in a group setting. If you’re looking for a fun and new way to explore, then Atlantis Dunes is the perfect place to be.

This article first appeared in Sunday Insider, May 16, 2022