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Art Week on the Avenues highlights Des Moines’ art scene

DES MOINES, Iowa — This week is Art Week in Des Moines and to celebrate the Ingersoll Neighborhood is hosting events as a part of Art Week on the Avenues.

Lauren Kollauf, Executive Director of The Avenues of Ingersoll & Grand, said many local businesses are partnering with artists to celebrate.

“It’s really cool to see these artists many of whom live in the neighborhood and have connections to the neighborhood come and do something creative and fun for the neighbors and it’s fun to see new people discover our district on that day and give them reasons to return,” Kollauf said.

The first event of the day is Mickey Carlson Plein Air Painting and Exhibit where artist Mickey Carlson will create art outside of Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure.

Many restaurants in the Ingersoll Neighborhood are participating in A Feast for Your Eyes, an art event where they partner with local artists to create art-inspired food.

Crème Bakery is one of the local businesses participating in the event. The bakery developed a cupcake inspired by the artist Siricasso.

“It’s really amazing working with artists,” said Z, one of the workers at Crème Bakery, “especially working with Siri he’s a very nice man he’s very communicative and works really well with us he has a lot of passion which is what we love. We love to build off other people’s passions and this whole bakery in itself is a passion project so it’s really nice to connect on those things.”

To learn more about Art Week on The Avenues visit The Avenues of Ingersoll and Grand’s website.