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PRWire: New York, NY, Aug. 08, 2021 – Ariel Partners, a leading IT firm offering Software Development, Consulting, Coaching, and Training, announced today that its IT Service Management System has achieved certification for compliance with ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 standards. The certification applies across the full range of Ariel’s current service offerings, including the provisioning of IT solutions, training, coaching, and program management.

The ISO/IEC 20000 family of service management standards were originally based on best practice guidance contained within the ITIL framework and have since been extended to cover other IT service management frameworks, including COBIT. These standards help organizations ensure they establish, maintain and utilize a service management system that covers the entire lifecycle of service delivery—starting with initial service planning, design, and transition, continuing with service delivery and continuous improvement, and ending in service retirement and replacement.

“We are proud to have achieved ISO 20K, which represents the next major milestone on our journey of relentless improvement and utmost commitment to quality,” said Craeg Strong, Ariel CTO. “The ISO 20000 certification now takes its place alongside our CMMI level 3 DEV & SVC assessments and our ISO 9001 certification. ISO 20000 is particularly meaningful for Ariel since we are a services company. This certification encompasses our public and private training classes, systems integration work, Agile coaching, governance and program management consulting, and even specialized offerings such as digital transformation and legacy modernization.”

Maintaining and complying with ITIL and ISO 20000 standards brings significant benefits to both Ariel Partners and Ariel’s customers. As an organization, the standard frameworks assist Ariel in creating baselines for consistency and ensuring that essential steps are not missed while prescribing a disciplined approach to continuous improvement. Ariel’s customers can rest assured that they will receive consistently excellent delivery of services and that their feedback will be proactively sought and implemented quickly.

Strong continued: “The ISO 20000-1 standard and ITIL are perfectly compatible with our Agile approach. This certification demonstrates how Ariel continues to successfully adapt Agile methods for use on complex, mission critical programs that make a difference in people’s lives.

We will continue to invest heavily in research and development into new ideas and better, more efficient processes for the benefit of our customers. A recent example is our development of a custom training provisioning application, “TIM,” that enables us to immediately spin up or spin down multiple instances of complex training environments for our students. We are going to continue pressing forward to ever-increasing levels of maturity, bringing our already mature processes and procedures to the highest level for our clients’ benefit.”

The ISO standards equip organizations with an approach to continuous business process improvement that considers a wide range of practices for establishing mature and effective processes.

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About Ariel Partners

Ariel Partners is a woman-owned small business located in NYC, providing cloud-native development, Agile and HCD training, Agile governance, and legacy migration via DevSecOps. Ariel provides services to commercial organizations, NYC mayoral agencies, and Federal agencies. Ariel’s customers include HBO, Fannie Mae, NYC Dept of Social Services, the FBI, the Social Security Administration, the Air Force, Department of Labor, and the EPA. Ariel Partners is appraised at maturity level 3 by CMMI for Development and Services and is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000-1:2018 certified. Ariel is an Atlassian Silver Partner, a SAFe Silver Transformation Partner, and a certified ICAgile and Kanban University training facility. Ariel Partners was founded in 2000 by technology experts who continue to be deeply involved in the local NYC IT Community and open-source projects, user groups, and worldwide technology conferences.