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Algeria legend Rabah Madjer: Expect a strong competition

Algerian legend Rabah Madjer has shared his thoughts on the upcoming TotalEnerghies Africa Cup of Nations Cote d’Ivoire 2023, set to kick off on January 13, 2024.

The tournament, which will be played until February 11, is poised to host the continent’s formidable teams, making it exceptionally fierce.

Speaking with, Madjer, the winner of the 1987 African Footballer of the Year award, acknowledged the difficulty in predicting the favourites for the upcoming competition.

Madjer’s difficulty stems from the fact that all the powerhouses of African football will be playing at the tournament scheduled to be held in the West African country. As we approach the AFCON 2023 in Cote d’Ivoire, what are your expectations regarding the level of competition?

Rabah Madjer:  I am highly confident about the quality of the competition because the strongest teams in the continent are all present and by default this makes it a tough competition. The participating sides will all be vying for glory, and I expect them to raise the bar to ensure that the tournament is captivating. With just a few days remaining before the kickoff, the expectation for a high level of performance is set with top players from across the globe playing in it.  Which teams do you predict will shine in the AFCON 2023?

Rabah Madjer: Predicting standout teams is a challenging task, given the diverse pool of formidable contenders. Some teams will obviously be aiming to go far in the continental competition, while others enter the competition with the sole aim of clinching the coveted title. Naming a specific team as the favourite is extremely challenging, especially with giants like the host nation Cote d’Ivoire, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, and Nigeria participating in the finals.  Who are the players you anticipate will emerge as discoveries in AFCON 2023?

Rabah Madjer: I have a big difficulty of pre-determining players who might shine in the AFCON 2023 because of the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations is different. A player might be excelling elsewhere but when he comes to the AFCON his performance will be different because all the matches are extremely difficult. The tournament’s opening matches will offer a glimpse into the players’ performances, which will allow me the proper chance to assess their capabilities on the grand stage.