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AFCON 2023: Afua Asantewaa meets music icon Akon in Ivory Coast

The Ghanaian journalist and entrepreneur who enchanted audiences with her 5-day non-stop singing marathon Afua Asantewaa is already crossing borders with her inspiring feat.

While she awaits official confirmation from Guinness World Records, Afua’s passion for music is taking her on new adventures, even before the ink dries on her potential record-breaking achievement.

A Starstruck Encounter at AFCON

Fresh off her marathon singing session, Afua found herself at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Ivory Coast, where  Ghana’s Black Stars were gearing up to face Egypt.

Little did she know, a serendipitous encounter awaited her. There, amidst the energy and excitement of the continental football tournament, Afua met none other than music icon Akon.

The Senegalese-American superstar, instantly impressed by Afua’s incredible endurance and dedication, couldn’t contain his amazement.

In a heartwarming exchange captured on video, Akon exclaimed, “For singing for the longest, you know she sang straight for five days! That’s crazy”

He even went on to introduce Afua to some of his fellow African music royalty, solidifying her connection to the continent’s vibrant musical landscape.

Afua, still basking in the afterglow of the encounter, shared her excitement on Instagram with a picture alongside Akon, captioned, “I am a lover of music and it was a pleasure to have met you @akon @sofitelabidjan.”

A Marathon of Music and Inspiration

Afua’s journey began on December 24, 2023, with a clear goal in mind: to break the Guinness World Record for the longest singing marathon.

The previous record, set in 2012 by Sunil Waghmare, stood at a monumental 105 hours. Afua, determined to push the boundaries of human endurance and musical expression, embarked on a five-day odyssey of song, captivating audiences and defying expectations.

On December 29, 2023, after an awe-inspiring 126 hours and 52 minutes of continuous singing, Afua triumphantly concluded her marathon. Her unwavering spirit and vocal stamina not only smashed the existing record but also ignited a wave of inspiration across Ghana and beyond.