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ADDED, SAP Team Up To Foster Innovation In UAE


ADDED, SAP intend to work together to develop emerging talent by training UAE nationals on technology, business, and behavioural skills

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has partnered with enterprise business software firm SAP to support UAE businesses and talents. The partnership will see the two organisations work together to enhance industry innovation and digital transformation, develop advanced business models and foster local digital competencies, nurture Emirati talents and support startups and small business enterprises (SMEs) in the UAE.

In line with the collaboration, ADDED intends to leverage SAP’s UAE cloud offering while simultaneously enabling SAP to accelerate expansion in the region as an authorised cloud services provider. Both parties also plan to work together to develop emerging talent by training UAE nationals through in-country, global and virtual programmes on technology, business, and behavioural skills.

ADDED and SAP have also stated their intention to explore and launch Industry 4.0 initiatives within Abu Dhabi, where SAP aims to create a Point of View (POV) document to propose mutually beneficial strategic initiatives.

“Our partnership with ADDED is a key enabler of SAP’s wider support for Abu Dhabi’s public sector and economy. By being an authorised provider, we aim to equip Abu Dhabi entities with the integrated strategy, solutions, and services to accelerate their digitalisation through the cloud, innovation, and wider adoption of Industry 4.0,” said Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President, Middle East South, SAP.

Furthermore, SAP intends to train individuals in the manufacturing sector in digital skills to succeed in Industry 4.0 while developing an emirate-wide framework to adopt consistent manufacturing standards.