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HomeNewsAbu Dhabi: Riders urged not to ride E-scooters on main roads, highways

Abu Dhabi: Riders urged not to ride E-scooters on main roads, highways

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police has launched a public awareness campaign named ‘For Your Safety’. The campaign encourages the riders to follow safety measures, rules, and regulations while riding their bicycles and e-scooters.

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Riders have been told to use only the approved lanes and not drive on the main roads, highways, sidewalks, and pedestrian paths.

The ITC Abu Dhabi posted a video on their social media saying, “The Integrated Transport Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport launched a public awareness campaign in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Police urging cyclists and e-scooter riders to adhere to the safety requirements and instructions on directional boards while driving. The campaign further encouraged said riders to avoid illegal behaviours that could compromise their safety and the safety of all society members.”

The ITC Abu Dhabi will publish a manual on technical conditions and requirements on how to use bicycles and electric bikes.

As quoted by Khaleej Times, the manual will provide instructions and directions to bicycle and electric bike owners. The manual will consist of technical requirements and types of bicycles and electric bikes authorised for usage, it will also clarify all the fines that are related to non-compliance with the standard and safety requirements, instructions, failure to adhere to roads, authorised areas, and pathways for bicycle and electric bike usage.

The ITC Abu Dhabi emphasised various safety measures including, wearing a helmet, wearing a reflective jacket at night time, and making sure that the bicycle or e-scooter is equipped with a white headlight, a red night light, or a red reflector.

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