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Abou El Enien Praises Egypt’s Role as a Key Regional Ally | Sada Elbalad

Tue 02 Apr 2024 | 11:13 PM

Abou El Enein Calls for Well-Studied Plans for Egypt's Food Self-Sufficiency

Abou El Enein Calls for Well-Studied Plans for Egypt’s Food Self-Sufficiency

Mohamed Abou El Enien, Deputy Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives, lauded Egypt’s advancement and its pivotal role in the region during President Sisi’s recent inauguration ceremony.

He remarked, “We have observed a display of civilization today that conveys a sophisticated message to the entire world—supporters, detractors, the truthful, and the deceitful alike.

This marks the true commencement of harvesting the fruits of our labor, and we take immense pride in the achievements realized, which reflect a refined quality of performance and a high level of dedication.”

Speaking on Egypt’s Channel One during the “Al-Tasia” talkshow, Abou El Enien emphasized the country’s stride towards sophistication in thought and action on the global stage, aimed at presenting a civilized image and sending a new message. He relayed President Sisi’s focus on key issues such as Egypt’s stability and security in his address.

Abou El Enien further highlighted that President Sisi has set definitive red lines for Egypt’s security, thus providing reassurance to Egyptians about their nation’s safety, stability, and security. “Today, we witnessed the state’s stability and security firsthand,” he pointed out, adding, “Egypt stands as a formidable partner any country can rely on in the region.”

He also celebrated the accomplishments seen across Egyptian villages and their celebration, alongside new visions and ambitions for all parts of Egypt. He called on the people to support President Sisi and follow his directives in building the New Republic, signaling a collective effort towards national development and prosperity.