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A Saudi prince talks about critics of the kingdom moving from “untouchability” to “Aleppo” in their turn to change Biden’s policy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed on Friday criticized those who welcomed the “renunciation of Saudi Arabia” policy promised by US President Joe Biden during his election campaign, and noted that they had switched from using the term “untouchability” to the term “Aleppo” to criticize the kingdom and its leaders, regardless of Washington’s policy toward them.

Bin Mosaed said on his official Twitter page: “Since the Biden administration came to the White House, the mercenaries, the tenants and the tenants have rejoiced! The prospects have gone astray from the poor traitors, and for many months they have been rejoicing over the term ( untouchability), which Biden adopted in his election campaign, and they are still hopeful and delusional that it can continue to be used. ” .

And the Saudi prince added: “When US politics returned to the right path, as was expected from a large country with old institutions that know its interests and deal with the facts of the case, it withdraws from false beliefs to be confident and reaffirm what is certain that Saudi Arabia is a country that can not be ignored and its leaders can only be treated with respect and equality, he said.

Bin Musaed concluded by saying: “In recognition of the magnitude of stature and influence in its surroundings and the whole world, and as it began to become clear that the tone had changed to a moderate tone, Farjaya was grateful, so as a prelude to the US President’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the use of the term (inviolability) was immediately moved to (Aleppo)! the blessing of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, ”as he put it.

However, US administration officials have revealed that Biden is ready to “bypass” the issue of the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in return for “resetting relations” with the kingdom and making it hotter.