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HomeNewsA busy calendar of events for the “Dubai Businesswomen” in June

A busy calendar of events for the “Dubai Businesswomen” in June

Dubai: “The Bay”
The Dubai Business Women Council unveiled an agenda full of events, training workshops and specialized seminars in June, which include five different activities focusing on women’s health and wellness and basic skills in the business environment, and how to invest in their health and personal and professional skills to increase their productivity in one place and in a work environment.
The Council launched its agenda for this June, with a training workshop in collaboration with Mind Resilience Training on June 7, on flexibility and mental health, and the use of mental well-being to overcome professional and personal challenges, to increase individual energy, productivity, ability to learn and adapt to change and build thought patterns and constructive behaviors.
This will be followed up on the ninth of June by arranging an interactive business meeting for councilors to exchange ideas and experiences, get to know new members and how to take advantage of meeting opportunities and membership benefits, in addition to providing fruitful and constructive discussions.
The third training workshop will be held during the month of June 14, which is a training workshop on effective communication skills, tools for constructive dialogue and discussion as well as listening and observation skills. On 21 June, the Council is organizing another training event entitled “Deloitte Global Marketing Trends 2022”.
On June 29, the Dubai Business Women Council will follow up on the activities of the Dubai Business Women Council by organizing a training workshop in collaboration with the “Cross-Cultural Connection” on the development of happiness and self-confidence among female entrepreneurs. self-confidence and increase individual happiness.