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400 titles from “Sharjah Heritage” in “Rabat Book”

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The Sharjah Institute for Heritage participated in the Rabat International Book and Publishing Fair, which concludes on Sunday, with a rich cultural program that included intellectual seminars attended by a group of Moroccan scholars and authors, and signatures and publications of the institute’s latest publications on Moroccan heritage, in addition to more than 400 publications and titles in the department’s pavilion and the issues of the two magazines Al Mawroth and Mawrad, published by the department.

strengthening relationships

Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Musallam, President of the Sharjah Institute of Heritage, said: “We are eager to attend various book fairs because of the importance and special value of these exhibitions for all lovers of speech, reading and knowledge as we have a package of activities, programs and events that emphasize the importance of strengthening and consolidating relations with brothers In Morocco, in particular with regard to cultural and hereditary aspects, there are many joint actions and work integration to protect and preserve heritage and pass it on to generations in the light of an emphatic concern for the importance and necessity of maintaining cooperation, coordination and joint work between us and Moroccan organizations and institutions.

permanent presence

For his part, Dr. Mona Bounaama, Director of the Department of Content and Publishing at the Institute: “Sharjah Institute of Heritage organized in its pavilion, as part of its participation program in the exhibition, a series of scientific seminars and several signatures of new publications in various cultural heritage areas, by researchers, whose position, efforts and role in protecting heritage, its transmission to generations and its sustainability as we work to select valuable titles that attract readers, serve their cultural aspirations and research needs, and in line with the Institute’s vision and mission to improve cultural heritage knowledge and provide a scientific library from which any visitor can draw. ”

The institute’s pavilion experienced a lively and remarkable attendance from visitors to the exhibition and the public, who expressed their appreciation for the institute’s role and position and its efforts to preserve, preserve and preserve the cultural heritage, praising the various programs, activities and events. of the Institute and its permanent presence at Arab and international level.

The signatures and new publications included: Marriage Ceremonies in Morocco by Edward Westermark, translated by Amina Iskan, Dr. Hassan Ameili, the repertoire of Arabic wonders by Dr. Said Yaqtin, Seven Tales from Square El-Fna by Dr. Hassan Bahrawi, Encyclopedia of Moroccan Folktales, by Dr. Muhammad Fakhreddine, and Asrar The storyteller by Dr. Osama Khadraoui and others.


In addition, Al-Riwaq accompanied a cultural program within the General Program of the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, consisting of four seminars, the first entitled “Strengthening Cultural Relations between the Sharjah Institute of Heritage and Moroccan Cultural Institutions”, the second entitled “Intangible Cultural Heritage in Figuig- the oasis – customs as a model “, and the third entitled” Sharjah Institute for Heritage from Local to Global “, and the fourth, entitled” Sharjah Institute for Heritage’s role in disseminating Arab heritage. Moroccan heritage as a model. “


The first symposium in the accompanying cultural program was about strengthening cultural relations between the Sharjah Institute for Heritage and Moroccan cultural institutions, with the participation of Dr. Abdel Wahed Ben Nasr, Dr. Najima Tayi and Dr. Abdel Rahman Ghanmi, and moderated by Dr. Yahya Al-Abali, while the second symposium was about the non-cultural heritage of Al Madi in the oasis of Figuig in Morocco, Al-Araf as a model, with the participation of Dr. Al-Arabi Al-Hilali, Dr. Ahmed Meziane, and Dr. Yahya Al-Abali, and moderated by Dr. Muhammad Lamlouki.

The third symposium reviewed the Sharjah Institute for Heritage’s efforts to protect, preserve and sustain the heritage, and its transfer from local to global, with the participation of Aisha Al-Hussan Al Shamsi, Director of the Arab Cultural Heritage Center at Sharjah. Institute for Heritage, and Ali Al-Abdan, director of the department of artistic heritage at the institute, and headed by Dr. Mona Bonama.

The fourth symposium, which will be held on the closing day (Sunday), will discuss the Sharjah Institute for Heritage’s efforts to spread Arab and Moroccan heritage, with the participation of Dr. Saeed Yaqtin, Dr. Muhammad Fakhr El-Din, Dr. Muhammad Al-Dibaji, Dr. Hassan Ameili and Dr. Osama Khadraoui. Recent Moroccan publications, published by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage.