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2024 – Microlino Lite: don’t compare it to the Citroën Ami

The Microlino now exists in a version accessible from 14 years of age to those without a B license. It could well find a place in the parking lots of the most chic high schools in the face of the invasion of Citroën Amis.

Since the release of the Citroën Ami, the heavy quadricycle category with an electric motor has become trendy. Ligier and Aixam, the main players in the sector, have also expanded their range, to respond to this mobility without thermal engine. All that was missing was Microlino to finally offer more chic, more technological and safer license-free mobility in this niche.

After the concept presented in 2022 at the Paris Motor Show, Micro took advantage of its presence at the Geneva Motor Show to formalize the Microlino Lite on February 26. This is a version limited to 45 km/h, accessible from 14 years old in France, of its flagship model. Having come across it in the aisles of the Geneva Motor Show, the model is still just as cute and much less toy than the Citroën Ami.

Few differences with the unclamped version

Putting the two versions side by side, it is difficult to distinguish a Lite version (L6e) from the more powerful version (L7) of this quadricycle. Apart from the “Microlino Lite” badge, bright orange details and its specific colors, the two versions generally keep the same aesthetic characteristics as the model that Numerama tested in 2023.

Microlino (L7) and Microlino Lite (L6e) // Source: Raphaelle Baut
Microlino (L7) and Microlino Lite (L6e) // Source: Raphaelle Baut

Unlike the Microlino which offers a fairly varied range of colors, this Microlino Lite will however only be available in two colors at its launch: blue and matte gray. It’s not much, but it’s still one more choice than the Citroën Ami.

For the rest, the Microlino Lite retains the same self-supporting steel and aluminum monocoque body as the unrestricted version. This is a strong point of this model compared to the competition, because it offers more safety than a tubular structure covered with body panels, as can be observed on other models in this category.

Monocoque structure of the Microlino // Source: Raphaelle BautMonocoque structure of the Microlino // Source: Raphaelle Baut
Monocoque structure of the Microlino // Source: Raphaelle Baut

The difficult price comparison with the Citroën Ami

Obviously, with a price displayed from €17,990, the Microlino Lite seems light years away from what the Citroën Ami offers with its €7,990 or the Fiat Topolino at €9,890. It is true that the Stellantis group has struck a major blow by slashing prices on these mobility devices manufactured at low cost in Morocco.

The Microlino Lite cannot compare with these models, but it is like comparing a Dacia and a BMW and being surprised at the price difference. The two vehicles don’t really box in the same category in terms of philosophy. The characteristics and equipment also widen the gap with the Stellantis models (Citroën, Opel or Fiat). The Microlino’s competition is more likely to be found in the Aixam or Ligier ranges:

  • The Aixam e City Sport starts from €16,300.
  • The Ligier Myli is priced from €12,000.

The Microlino Lite remains a fairly elitist product, but it is a choice made by the Swiss manufacturer which assembles its models in Italy. Moreover, the lite version is also entitled to an optional sunroof, a small luxury in this category of machine.

Microlino interior in its high finish with its opening roof // Source: Raphaelle BautMicrolino interior in its high finish with its opening roof // Source: Raphaelle Baut
Microlino interior in its high finish with its opening roof // Source: Raphaelle Baut

Microlino is counting on leasing offers to attract a wider audience. Leasing prices will be communicated later in France, but in Switzerland the model is priced at 149 Swiss francs, or around €156 per month, without requiring too large a deposit. This is still more expensive than many electric cars. It will be difficult to really see the solution to attract a wider audience.

Much more autonomy than the Citroën Ami

The Microlino Lite is offered as standard with the 5.5 kWh battery (NMC) offering a range of 93 km, or 20 km more than the Citroën Ami. It is also possible to opt for €2,000 more for the 11 kWh version, doubling the range to reach an average of up to 177 km. Charging is then done via a type 2 socket with a maximum charging power of 2.2 kW. It takes approximately 2 hours to go from 0 to 80% with the small battery, and double that with the larger one.

To correspond to category L6e regulations, the engine is limited to 6 kW, and up to 9 kW peak, with a maximum speed of 45 km/h. The Microlino Lite weighs 420 kg without its battery, a weight that increases by 151 kg with the small 5.5 kWh battery and 180 kg with the larger battery.

The complete characteristics of the Microlino Lite:

Power 6 kW (9 kW peak)
Maximum speed 45 km/h
Battery 5.5 kWh or 11 kWh (NMC/NCA)
Charging power 2.2 kW (type 2)
Dimensions 2.52m x 1.47m x 1.50m
Chest 230 liters
Seating places 2

Heavy quadricycles with electric motors are also a trend to follow in the automobile market. This is a subject that you can find in Watt Else: our free weekly newsletter guaranteed to be 100% tongue-in-cheek.

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