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15 Things You Can See At Only One Spot In The World – Islands

White landscapes spread as far as the eye can see in this desert in Egypt. Quartz, limestone, and white calcium give the terrain its blinding color. Travelers will also encounter incredible rock formations around the park, including some that look like everyday items. The various rocks and minerals form shapes like spires, mounds, boulders, columns, and more. Some of these stand out and frequently appear on social media. Crystal Mountain, for example, shimmers in the sunlight and is made entirely from crystals. Other pieces of chalky rock look like mushrooms, chickens, and trees.


The White Desert National Park sits southwest of Cairo, about 6 hours away by car. It’s undoubtedly a place of surreal landscapes, more than 100 square miles in size, and part of a depression in the Sahara Desert. Sometimes, despite the warm climate in Egypt, the land looks like it’s blanketed in snow. The desert was once a sea that drained and dried, and since then, wind and sand storms have carved the rock into the shapes seen today. The White Desert, however, isn’t a place devoid of life. The park is home to gazelles, jackals, and sheep.