Your ploy to discredit BMO tells PDP


The Buhari Media Organization has said that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 's ploy to discredit the Presidential election to the worst in Nigeria' s political history is clearly dead on arrival global standards, "

President Muhammadu Buhari and Atiku Abubakar

BMO in a statement signed by Niyi Akinsiju and Cassidy Madueke, Said the 'PDP has little or nothing to show for its 16 years in power at the center, but it wants to believe that a majority of Nigerians were ready to trade the steady and steady progress under President Buhari for a return to locust years.

The group said: "We have found that we have regaling Nigerians with hollow tales of a stolen mandate before INEC completed the announcement of the Presidential election results.

"Equally, the elections are taking place, and they are going to be protesting.

"PDP's ploy to discredit the Presidential election to the worst in Nigeria's political history is clearly dead on arrival, as it is known that many of the elections conducted under PDP's do not measure up to acceptable global standards,"

I did not say Atiku will lose at the court – Agbakoba

"Is it not amusing that PDP is claiming the mandate of an election that is clearly unprepared for?
"Here is a party that did not deem it necessary to campaign in sixteen states and the FCT, out of arrogance, yet it believes it was better than a ruling party that President Muhammadu
Buhari in every part of the country.

"Even in terms of pedigree, PDP"
infrastructural projects, mais it wants au monde à la foi une aire de la Nigerien et de l'assurance du Niger

President Muhammadu Buhari has been declared to be president of the United States.

I will not let you down, Buhari reassures Nigerians

"So it would be appropriate to form a Vice-President, as a democrat that he says he is, to rein in his lieutenants and advise them to respect the authority of the rate of election.

"We hope that the subtle call to protest was rejected by some of the PDPs we had, few weeks ago, referred to as the 'Venezuelan option'".


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