“World’s largest 3D-printed building” springs up in Dubai


Image via Apis Cor

Image via Apis Cor

3D printing equipment manufacturer Apis Cor recently built a two-story administrative office building for a Dubai government agency using one mobile printer. Standing at 31 feet tall with an area of 6,889 square feet, the building’s walls were printed while the insulation, roof, foundation and windows were installed using traditional building methods…Smart Cities Dive

According to Smart Cities Dive, “the company’s proprietary printing mixture consists of off-the-shelf materials like sand, cement, gypsum, and other proprietary components…” The challenge ultimately becomes creating the right blend of materials in relation to the local climate.

The country’s Dubai 3D Printing Strategy aims to ensure that all new buildings there are at least 25% 3D printed by 2025, Smart Cities Dive reports.