"Long live Tunisia", Youssef Chahed's new party is born!


Youssef Chahed

The new political project of Youssef Chahed was born this Sunday, January 27 in Monastir during a gathering event of the big political family which will have to constitute this party.

Called "Tahia Tounes", or "Vive la Tunisie", the party is not a project built around people and political characters, but rather an alliance that will bring together democratic forces.

Mustapha Ben Ahmed, one of the figures of this new project indicates to this effect "that the time of the parties built on a person is over".

For his part, Slim Azzabi, the former head of the presidential cabinet, called the entire modernist and progressive family to meet around the new project stating that its goal is to implement the reforms needed to save Tunisia.

Note that Youssef Chahed was not present at this meeting, for professional commitments.



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