Visit of a delegation from Burkina Faso


The management and treatment of waste was the subject of a visit by a delegation from Burkina Faso. For five days there have been meetings in Limoges, Bessines, Guéret , La Souterraine , and finally, Noth, Evolis 23, for the assessment of this stay and future prospects in the framework of a cooperation between the New Region Aquitaine and the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso.
Ziniaré is a commune in the Central Plateau of Burkina Faso. With its fifty-three villages spread over 526 km², it is home to the province of Oubritenga and the Central Plateau region. Mayor Pascal Campaore was accompanied by his second deputy and two technicians from the municipality, in charge respectively of the strategic plan for waste management and sanitation.
This plan will be spread over ten years and will allow a very important advance.
As soon as he was elected in June 2016, the elected representative set himself the goal of implementing actions related to household waste management, considering the importance of this waste for health and herds. This delegation visited the Departmental Syndicate for Household Waste Disposal (SYDED 87), in Limoges, received by the president of the Alain Auzemery structure.
the challenge of 5,000 tons of waste per year
They were able to discover the system of buried columns of the Agglomeration of Grand Guéret , which allow the collection of waste in the city center, and that of the composting at the foot of building, and finally, the waste treatment center of Noth, Evolis 23 managed by a joint sustainable development syndicate.
This model of intermunicipal operation was of great interest to the delegation, which drew many lessons from these visits, Pascal Campaore said. Jean-Bernard Damiens, Vice President of Evolis 23, chaired by Didier Bardet, accompanied them during these visits.
From the beginning of this cooperation he participated, and went with a technician from Evolis 23 to Ziniaré for technical advice and diagnosis. The Burkinabe delegation was also welcomed by the municipalities of Guéret and La Souterraine .
For Ziniaré and its 26,000 inhabitants involved in this strategic plan, the challenge concerns 5,000 tons of waste per year.
Actions are in progress. The Albert Schweiter Ecological Center is currently working in schools to raise awareness and implement action in the schools themselves. This intervening structure is the equivalent of CPIE.
The Permanent Center for the Environment Initiative of the Pays Creusois welcomed the delegation during his stay, as well as Radio Pays de Guéret , with which there is also a partnership. Subsidized by Connect Platforma (European credits), this mission will allow the implementation of solutions adapted to the local context.
The cooperation between Burkina Faso and the New Aquitaine Region is renewed for three years, and has existed for twenty years, originally with the former Limousin region, and will be celebrated in February in Ziniaré.
In addition to this approach, this cooperation allows cultural exchanges.


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