Video. Why the retired French prefer the destination Morocco

By Mhand Oubarka the 13/01/2019 at 11: 12 am

cover: فرنسيون متقاعدون يهربون من صقيع برد أوروبا إلى المغرب

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Thousands of retired French opt for Morocco as a destination to spend the fall and winter, seasons known by a cold wave in Europe. Le360 met some of them. Story.

Their preferred destinations are Agadir, Taroudant, Tzinit and Sidi Ifni. The mildness of the climate and the sun in these regions exert their magic.

Many retired French say consider the Kingdom as their second country.

“For me, Morocco is the ideal country for a holiday, especially the seasons of autumn and winter where the cold is unbearable in Europe. With my husband, we spend pleasant moments at the campsite Imi Ouaddar,” enthuses Marie, a French woman of 78 years, met in Agadir.

Philippe, age 68, has chosen him, to settle in Taroudant for a few years. He even married a local woman. “I am very happy here,” he says. I love the people and their hospitality. I have a daughter and I’m thrilled that she is moroccan”, he says.

The professionals of tourism in Agadir and the surrounding areas are delighted with the massive number of foreign tourists throughout the year.

By Mhand Oubarka