Towards the construction of a bridge between Cameroon and equatorial Guinea


Published the 18.12.2018 at 16h18 by APA News

Cameroon and equatorial Guinea will soon be connected by road thanks to the construction of a bridge over the river Ntem (South), reveals a study in which APA obtained a copy on Tuesday.Referred to as the transnational Kribi-Campo (Cameroon)–Bata (equatorial Guinea), this road will connect the South of Cameroon and North of the equatorial Guinea.

According to the study, the construction of this long bridge of 800 metres, will allow “to strengthen and increase the movement of people and goods between the two States, to facilitate and promote trade, and finally, to ensure the crossing of the river safe”.

To give a new impulse to this project to bring a boost to trade between the two countries and provide a boost to the integration within the economic and monetary Community of central Africa (CEMAC), the parties have agreed to meet on February 1, 2019, in Douala, the economic metropolis of Cameroon.

It will be a matter of choosing the site of implantation and the type of bridge on the basis of the results of the study pre-project and proposals of the technical Committee, joint monitoring of the project.

Outside of the two concerned countries, the african development Bank (AFDB) has announced a funding of 2 billion FCFA for the construction of the bridge over the Ntem.


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