Tunisia – VIDEO: Youssef Chahed : We could not do better!

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The head of the government, Youssef Chahed spoke a few minutes ago that the tunisian people, in connection with the general strike decided by the UGTT after the failure of negotiations regarding the salary increases in the public service.

Chahed has lamented the failure of the negotiations by ensuring : “We have made the effort to ensure that markups, and more importantly, to improve the living conditions and the purchasing power of the citizen, as we have expected increases of pension to those who have built the country “.

Chahed added that the increases do not move in the production, will lead the country to bankruptcy

He stated that the proposed increases for the government, has been made within the limits of the capacity of the cash without being on debt, and without being obliged to increase taxes for the citizens.

Chhd added that : “We assured the UGTT that we had done the maximum that we could and that we would be able to choose the facility and sign any deal, leaving those who will come after us, will struggle to comply, or not, these commitments… But we have to respect our country, and not to mortgage the future of our children… Come we would like to show our respect for our social partner, the UGTT, and the constitutional right to strike.

Chahed was held to conclude by assuring tunisians that the State will ensure a minimum of services in order not to block the entire country. He added that he will work to resume the dialogue after the general strike, hoping to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.

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