Tunisia: Seizure of over 6 tons of food products unfit for consumption


The control teams health and economic, were seized on Tuesday, more than six tons of food products (pastries, poultry, and miscellaneous foods) unfit for consumption.

They have risen to 588 offences health and 162 other economic type and proposed the closure of 37 shops for failure to comply with rules of hygiene, says a press release issued by the ministry of Health.

A national campaign to control health and economic has been launched, Tuesday, on the occasion of the advent of the new year. It is targeted at businesses and the local manufacturing of pastries, sales of red meat and poultry and its derivatives.

The national campaign of sanitary control and economic local manufacturing of pastries, and selling red meat and poultry has been launched on Tuesday morning in various parts of the country.

It will end on the 31 December current and will be provided by 163 controllers, divided into teams, composed of representatives of the regional services of the health, commerce and security.

It has for objective to fight against the marketing of foods unfit for consumption and ensure the transparent operations, according to the minister of health, Abderraouf Cherif.


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