Africa News Tunisia: what happened actually happened during the meeting of...

Tunisia: what happened actually happened during the meeting of Carthage ?


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The meeting held yesterday in Carthage under the chairmanship of the head of State Beji Caid Essebsi was met, as it is known, the main protagonists of the political and social scene in the country. He is the president of the ARP, Mohamed Ennaceur, head of government, Youssef Chahed, the secretary-general of the UGTT, Noureddine Taboubi, the president of the UTICA, Samir Majoul, president of Ennhdha Rached Ghannouchi, secretary-general of Mashrou3 Tounes Mohsen Marzouk and president of a new parliamentary group, the national Coalition, Mustapha Ben Ahmed.

Reminiscent of the meetings of the two “Documents” to Carthage I and II, it has earned mainly by its timing. It was convened by the head of State on the background of the social crisis is serious with the announcement by the UGTT for a general strike on the 17th of next January, and a series of protests in some areas and that could spread to others. The head of State has been requested by the secretary-general of the central trade union to intervene in order to reconcile the views with the government and to avoid, hence the strike.

Now we come to what happened during this meeting. Beyond the statement of the president of the republic to reassure the whole of the Tunisian people and those of the protagonists present, it was marked by the absence of one of the key players in the two Documents of Carthage : Hafedh Caid Essebsi the president of the political forum of Nidaa Tounes, as well as Kamel Morjane, whose party Al Moubadra is an unwavering support of the head of the government. The current minister of the public service is often described as the head of the government as a ” true statesman “.In addition, of course, other minor participants who have not been invited to the meeting as Al-Massar is in full decomposition, the UNFT, the UPL, which have since merged with Nidaa and the two organizations of women and agriculture. But with two new protagonists of which is due to him : Mohamed Ennaceur, while the second, Youssef Chahed has lost his confidence. ECB, which no longer has a single support that Noureddine Tabboubi, wanted to put the head of the government and its coalition in front of their responsibility. A way of dézinguer by showing their inability to cope with the crisis and anticipate consequences. Recalling the general strike of 26 January 1978, he had wanted to tell them that the time is serious and that it should not be the policy of the ostrich. The crisis it is you who are causing it, seems to say to ECB, not me, as the president of all Tunisians, efforts are being made to find him an exit.

In addition to the spikes launched at Chahed and his coalition, the meeting enjoyed the friction between ECB and Mohsen Marzouk. The latter, which has been several times interrupted by the head of State sometimes a high tone, responded in the same tone, asking him not to interrupt them every time and give him time to express his point of view. Without that it does not degenerate as the have peddled a few sites.

Marzouk was for the ECB as a spiritual son. A long time close to him, he is one of the main founders of Nidaa Tounes and craftsmen of the victory in the presidential and legislative elections. But, having trouble with the legitimate son Hafedh Caid Essbsi that seized the party after the election of his father, he left Carthage and then the Lake to find her own path. Just like Chahed, who has been propelled to the sky by Beji, but that has turned back against him. A betrayal for ECB who do not forgive. “Two felons” moved in between them and they are now a pair.

Situation a little preposterous in a climate of general deleterious, which announced a January warm.


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