Tunisia: The concepts of the Sustainable Development Mechanism bill are blurred


The lack of a clear definition of the concept of "sustainable development and the rights of future generations" is one of the failings of the organic bill on the Sustainable Development and Rights of Future Generations body and may have an impact negative on the mission of the entire body and its effectiveness, according to Professor of Public Law, Neji Baccouche.

The academic and director of the Center for Tax Studies of the Faculty of Law of Sfax speaking Friday, February 1, during a hearing at the ARP, with representatives of civil society, called to adopt an "open and improvable definition" of the concept.

The hearing, organized by the Committee on Industry, Energy, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and the Environment, also concerned representatives of the "United Tunisia" association, the Solidar Association, the Heinrich Boll Foundation, and the Natural Resource Governance Institute whose representatives criticized the project that limits the government's requirement to consult the proceeding on the consideration of bills only. .

They propose to expand it to draft government decrees, and recommend increasing the number of Trial Council members from 3 to 9.

Civil society also discussed the representation of political parties in the body, questioning the usefulness of this representation especially as political parties are present in the ARP and the opinions of the body and its forum are intended for the legislature.

They also questioned the reasons for limiting this representation to member parties to the PRA, excluding other political parties, and criticizing the lack of respect for union plurality in the draft law.

As for the scholar Afef Hammami, he criticizes the content of article 14, considered vague especially regarding the conditions of candidacy to the Council of the instance, and the adoption of a vague concept of "national radiation" .

MP Nayla Hammi supported the amendment proposals presented by academics, while at the same time recommending the candidacy of experts.

For Lilia Younes Ksibi, this body should have been created for five years to contribute to the consultation on several laws already promulgated.


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