Tunisia : resignation of six members of the bloc Nidaa Tounes does not mean the failure of the merger between the UPL…


The resignation of six members of the bloc of the Movement Nidaa Tounes does not mean the failure of the merger between the Union patriotique libre (UPL), and Nidaa Tounes, said on Wednesday Yosra Mili, member of the political bureau of the Movement Nidaa Tounes charged of the communication.

Six members were presented Tuesday their resignation from the parliamentary group of Nidaa Tounes. The members who resigned were members of the Union patriotique libre (UPL), which merged in October 2018 with Nidaa Tounes.

” The merger between the two big parties is not an easy thing “. It is therefore quite normal that difficulties are encountered”, she still argued, to the effect that ” the merger process is still running “.

” It takes time to lead to an actual merger, particularly as the party prepares to hold its congress “, she explained.

According to her, some members resigned from the bloc Nidaa Tounes, have engaged in political calculations ladles, while others have suffered from the influences of certain parties.

Some of the members who resigned were concerned and dissatisfied regarding the progress of the merger and its implementation at the scale of regions and bases of the party, she still pointed.

The political bureau of the party Nidaa Tounes will meet this Wednesday after-noon, to examine the causes of resignations and identify appropriate solutions to the problems that arise, she announced, noting that ” the dialogue is always open to mps to resign “.

Six deputies had submitted their resignations from the parliamentary group of Nidaa Tounès. Five of them have filed Tuesday their letters of resignation to the office of order of parliament. It is Ridha Zghondi, Olfa Jouini, Ali Belakhoua, Tarek Ftiti and Dorra Yaacoubi. They join the mp Mahmoud Kahri, who announced last Friday have left the group.

The bloc Nidaa Tounes in the parliament has experienced a wave of resignations, bringing the number of mps to 46 against 86 after the parliamentary elections in 2014), according to the latest update of the bureau of the ACA, last Monday.


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