Tunisia – Kasserine: Classes suspended Thursday and Friday at Thala, Jedelienne, Laayoune and Haidra


The regional commissioner for education in Kasserine has published, Thursday afternoon, a statement in which he announced the suspension of the courses, in all schools in Thala, Jedelienne, Laayoune and Haidra, from Thursday 14:00 to Friday, all day, because of bad weather in these delegations.

All school principals were called upon to ensure the safety of students, educators and all employees, in coordination with the police station.

The four delegations have known, since dawn Thursday, significant amounts of snow, varying between 4 and 7 cm, and showers up to 25 mm, including Sbiba.

The civil protection and equipment teams intervened to unblock the snowy roads and facilitate the movement of cars.

The weather situation recorded a marked improvement in the afternoon, when the snow stopped falling, according to officials of the local commissions for the fight against natural disasters.


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