Tunisia: It's time to give regions responsibility for managing their own resources (Mohsen Marzouk)


The secretary-general of the "Machrou Tounes" movement, Mohsen Marzouk stressed Sunday in Tozeur, that it is time to give the regions the responsibility of managing their own resources and to enable them to develop programs and plans for development.

This approach falls within the framework of the party's guidelines which advocate the slogan, "the regions, the solution of the current period", he said, in a statement to the media on the sidelines of a meeting gathering the structures the party in the governorates of Tozeur, Gafsa and Kebili, saying that Tunisia has delayed in the implementation of this approach of local power, inscribed in the new Tunisian constitution.

In this context, he called for reactivating a set of programs promoting the creation of regional development dynamism, including the distribution of agricultural lots, the simplification of financing procedures and the creation of the Bank of Regions.

The general secretary of the "Machrou Tounes" movement stressed the need to allow regions to have autonomy of decision, citing, by way of example, the precariousness of the development situation in the south-west of the country, despite its wealth priceless.

He also explained the crisis of trust between Tunisians and parties in the failure of political parties to resolve issues that concern the lives of citizens, evoking the efforts of his party to restore confidence, by working to stay tuned to the main issues of concern to Tunisians.

He also said that his party has begun preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2019 through the development of an electoral program focused on several issues related, in particular, to the regions, to the development of agriculture and solving the land problem of agricultural land.


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