Tunisia: 900 "orfi" marriages among students


The practice of customary marriage (orfi) has been staining in Tunisia in recent years. In a statement to the newspaper Al Anwar in its edition of this Friday, March 08, 2019, the Minister of Social Affairs, Mohamed Trabelsi was able to give reliable figures on the phenomenon. A practice, widespread especially in academia. According to the above-mentioned minister, 1,200 "Orfi" customary marriage contracts are concluded in Tunisia, including 900 contracts among students.
Mohamed Trabelsi also revealed that the illiteracy rate is rising. It is 19.1%, nearly two million Tunisians are illiterate. In rural women, the illiteracy rate is 41%. The minister pointed out that current figures are chilling, especially since President Bourguiba has focused on women's education since independence.


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