Tour economic: Macky Sall of Saint-Louis to start the renovation work of the aerodrome of the old city and the Program of Rehabilitation of the Airports of Senegal (Pras)


The Head of State Macky Sall, is in St. Louis this Friday, December 21, 2018 for a tour of economic in order to launch the renovation of the airfield from the old town and at the same time the Program of Rehabilitation of the Airports of Senegal (Pras).

According to the press release of the Office of information government (Big) President Macky Sall was committed during the Council of ministers relocated to St. Louis on June 7, 2012 on 306,7 billion FCFA. And today adds the note which is holds copy “these commitments are executed to 96%, depending on the Governance of Saint-Louis. With this investment volume, 33 measures have been adopted which 23 deductions. 16 executed, 17 in the course of which 2 discontinued : a Project of 10 aquaculture Farms, industrial, and security Project for the sports Complex Diougop to relocate the affected populations and the Langue de Barbarie to Gandon, the commune of Saint-Louis having more land base”.

In addition to the commitments of the council of Ministers relocated from the June 7, 2012, the Saint-Louis region has recorded other projects and programs : 130 fully realized or in course of execution, 115 have components financial for a total of 370 billion cfa francs investment. The most prominent relate to the opening up with tracks, roads, bridges in the Islands to Morphile in particular. For infrastructure, 6 projects have been completed and 7 in progress for an amount of $ 170.1 billion FCFA

The communicate also specify that the rehabilitation of the aerodrome of Saint-Louis in the framework of the Program of rehabilitation of the airports of Senegal about the recovery and elongation of the track ; the reconstruction of the airport terminal building ; rehabilitation of the meteorological station ; and the recovery of the building and equipment fires (station fire-fighting, security level 6, 3 vehicles, fire-fighting) ; the supply of equipment for air navigation ; and the recovery of the beacon by day and by night, markup of the axis of the track ; the provision of vehicles and equipment Handling ; the reconstruction of the block technique ; the reconstruction of any control ; and the recovery of the wall relief and the system of storage and supply of kerosene, and the construction of a hangar technique”

In addition, the start-up in 2019 of the work of the Coast between Dakar and Saint-Louis while passing by Kayar-Mboro-Lompoul ; the construction of the Bridge of the Géöle : 160 meters of 4.5 Billion FCFA ; the construction of the Bridge Halwar : 150 meters to 3.1 Billion FCFA ; the construction of the Bridge of Ndioum: 150 meters to the 6.8 billion FCFA.

This was in addition to the rehabilitation of the Road Saint Louis-Rosso-Richard Toll : a linear 143 Km of paved roads and 65 Km of rural roads (40 Billion FCFA) : the construction of the Carrefour National 2-Medina Ndiathbé-Case-Case-Saldé-Farted (in progress) 67 Km of paved roads to 20 Billion FCFA ; the rehabilitation of the Road Ndioum-Ourossogui-Bakel/Section Ndioum-Golléré (in progress) 69 Km of paved roads (to 21.6 Billion CFA francs) ; the construction of the Bridge of Fanaye (completed) : 150 meters, 5 Billion F CFA ; the rehabilitation of the Road Richard Toll-Ndioum (created) : 120 km, 27,5 Billion FCFA ; the construction of the road from the’hydrobase (current) : 4.5 Km of road with 3.5 billion FCFA ; the rehabilitation of the National 2 and the Construction of roads and rural tracks in the Ile a Morphile (in progress) : 105 Km of paved roads and 32,5 Km of rural roads, 22, 9 Billion FCFA ; the Construction of the Bridge NdiangaEdy (in progress) : 240 metres to 5.4 Billion FCFA ; the Construction of the Bridge Guédé (in) : 280 to 5.4 Billion CFA and the program PromoVilles in Saint-Louis : 6.2 Km of paved roads to 4.4 Billion FCFA.

AGRICULTURE : 9 billion FCFA invested

Program of self-sufficiency in rice, with nearly 56 % of the objectives assigned to the river Valley of Senegal ; emblavement 44 786 ha out of a target of 44 500 ha, representing an achievement rate of 101% ; the suspension of the value added Tax (Vat) of the activity of rice in the Valley.

The PRACAS has helped to mitigate the lack of equipment for tillage, irrigation, harvesting machinery and threshing, putting to the disposal of the producers of the Saint-Louis region of agricultural equipment and infrastructure : 148 tractors (compared to 126 in 2012), 48 combine harvesters(which passes the number of units from 27 units in 2012 to 75 in 2018 ), 50 rice threshers, 724 Gmp, 27 rice mills, 64 stores and 46 tents bâchées. With the support of the Cooperation of india, staffing equipment for agriculture the Valley and the distribution at the level of beneficiaries

Regional project for support to pastoralism in the Sahel (PRAPS) Podor Dagana Louga Linguère : Improving access to resources and services in the critical production and the market for the pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in border areas and along the routes of transhumance.

Project for sustainable development of pastoralism in Senegal (PDDPS) Saint-Louis, Louga : sustainably Improve the productivity and competitiveness of value chains of milk and small ruminants, to increase the added value of livestock products, and create jobs in particular for women and young people.


Multi-country program of building resilience to food and nutrition insecurity in the Sahel (DRIARS) : Participate in the sustainable increase of crop and animal production and improve the incomes of small producers


Project of development of family poultry (PRODAF) Mbakhana (Saint-Louis)

Project of beekeeping development (PADA) : Louga, Saint-Louis


2000 beds to the BMU ; réhabilitation and capacity of equipment of teaching centres technical of the regions of Louga, Saint-Louis ; the creation and implementation of new Research Centres and dEssai (CRE)


Acquisition of scanners and ambulances for the hospital of Saint-Louis in addition to the empowerment of oxygen to the hospital. Equipment of care Services and emergency (UAA) of the hospital of Saint-Louis. Receipt of the infrastructure and facilities of basic structures : health posts, maternity clinics, and housing in the region of Saint-Louis. Construction of health centers and of the second hospital of St. Louis (study phase very advanced).


Grants family safety : 596,400 million CFA francs distributed to heirs. Universal health coverage : 73,743 million CFA francs invested. The Program Children disinherited : 1.5 million CFA francs invested

Hydraulics, SanitationAND ENVIRONMENT

Achievements of several wells in the part of the PUDC for a total of 3,432 billion FCFA. In the framework of the Program of sanitation of the 10 cities, 14.5 billion CFA francs will be injected. The technical studies are already carried out and related to the pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, a water station rain-fed, a processing unit, mud wild, 50 buildings sanitary and 6000 connections. In the framework of the PUMA, 298 million FCFA invested. With the SONES, Program of strengthening and securing of the cities with a single drill for a cost of 1.5 billion FCFA.

Project of sanitation of the Island of Saint-Louis for a cost of 8,175 billion FCFA.

The breach is a serious problem at this level, and the dredging is asked with insistence. As a response, the studies are carried out, and 4 billion mobilized for the dredging. The OMVS is also wearing a Large Project for the Construction of Bridges, river and sea. Always in the field of the environment, there is the mapping of coastal erosion and the Support Program to Communes and Agglomerations of Senegal (PACASEN) cost of 130 Billion FCFA for 8 municipalities, including Saint-Louis, and the integrated Project of the wetlands of the Lower Delta of 60 million FCFA.


Fishing is a key industry in Saint-Louis where the conflict perpetual with the coast guard of mauritania. But the question is seriously taken care of and 400 fishing licenses will be made available to the fishermen. For this, the charges of 125 000 euros, or 82 million FCFA have already been paid to the mauritanian central Bank. For the Joint Commission, the second phase of the cold chain for 1,350 Billion FCFA. There is also the Programme of strengthening of inland fisheries to 803 Million FCFA.


In the framework of the PUDC, electrification of 6 villages for a target of 10 villages ; the extension of the electrical network ; installation kit and solar lamps for 42 million FCFA ; central Bokhol ; mini solar power plant in Dagana for a cost of 428 million FCFA


FONGIP : 2milliards FCFA funding for young people and women. DER : 2 billion of financing in the framework of the phase 1 Program ; Success in Senegal with the German cooperation : 6.5 million FCFA injected in Saint-Louis.


Saint-Louis, it is also a city and a tourist area. Classified as a Unesco World Heritage site, the Saint-Louis gate, a Program of Renovation of the Buildings. There are also 667 Million FCFA for the ambitious Project Senegal River to The Paths of Knowledge with already 40 identified sites, trails and tag as well as the valorisation and preservation of heritage.


Rehabilitation stage to Me Babacar SEYE to 9 billion FCFA. Construction of a Sports palace at the stadium Mawade WADE (7 billion FCFA) and the Rehabilitation of the home of the Island to 791 million francs (basketball court, bowling alley, conference hall of 300 seats



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