Tourists scandinavian : +27% in Morocco


Infomédiaire Morocco – according To the office of the ONMT to the nordic and baltic countries, the figures are “good” at the start of all the nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland), with approximately 119, 000 tourists who visited Morocco in 2017, an increase of 27% compared to the previous year.

At the start of the Norway, the number of tourists has increased by 30% in 2017 to reach 24 294 passengers, specified the representation of the ONMT, aspiring also to an increase in tourist flows in 2018.

If we take into account only the statistics recorded since the beginning of January to the end of October 2018, the trend is also positive. Some 17.800 Norwegian tourists have stayed in Morocco, showing an increase of 14%.

The cities of Marrakech and Agadir, served by the airline Norwegian Air Shuttle, one weekly flight direct to each link, remain the most popular destinations for tourists in norway, it is.

In effect, Morocco can count on a set of assets that are the foundation of its charm and make it a destination of choice. In addition to its mild and sunny climate and its geographical position at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, the country is full of tourist sites, monuments, singular, and sights.

Marrakech, Agadir or Casablanca, as well as a dozen other moroccan destinations are visited every year by tourists scandinavians in search of the beautiful, but also the luxury embodied by the red city.

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