The Ford Trucks F-MAX arrives in the UAE

Al Tayer Motors, the official Ford Trucks importer-dealer in the UAE has launched the ‘2019 International Truck of the Year’ – the F-MAX – in the UAE.

The F-MAX takes its name from Ford’s F Series, and stands out in terms of its size, high level of comfort and durability. The new model offers improved fuel efficiency over previous models and lower total cost of ownership with a seven per cent reduction in maintenance costs and longer service intervals.

Ashok Khanna, CEO, Al Tayer Motors, said: “The launch of Ford Trucks F-MAX heralds the beginning of a new era in commercial transportation in the UAE. With its class-leading features such as a powerful engine, fuel efficiency, cabin comfort and competitive cost of ownership, the award-winning vehicle is poised to offer a reliable and comfortable option for customers.”

From left to right: Abdullah Bahattin Topçu, managing director-Middle East & Africa, Ford Trucks; Ashok Khanna, CEO, Al Tayer Motors; Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, managing director, Ford Trucks; and Helal Hanei Omar, senior vice-president-Ford and Lincoln, Al Tayer Motors.

The F-MAX comes with two-year unlimited kilometre warranty and can be serviced at Al Tayer Motors in Dubai and the Northern Emirates as well as Premier Motors in Abu Dhabi. A wide range of service contract options are also available from Al Tayer Motors.
Abdullah Bahattin Topçu, managing director-Middle East & Africa, Ford Trucks, said: “The F-MAX is the result of five years of research and development. After successfully completing five million kilometres of road tests in 11 countries on four continents, the F-MAX sets a new benchmark in the international transport industry.”

“The modern design of the F-MAX reflects the superior aerodynamics, optimum calibration and technical specifications of powertrain and transmission, as well as a significant reduction in fuel consumption when compared to the current model. The new tractor also decreases maintenance costs and offers longer maintenance intervals up to 60,000Km, delivering lower total cost of ownership,” he adds.
Unique features of the F-MAX include a 2.5-m-wide cabin and 12.7L Euro 5 Ecotorq engine that produces 500PS, 2500Nm torque and 400 kW braking power.

The 2.5m-wide cab of the F-MAX offers drivers the luxury of space and comfort. The design of the cockpit-style dashboard ensures all functions are within easy reach for the driver. The truck has a flat floor providing 2.16m of floor-to-ceiling height and offers a range of storage that is roomy and easily accessible. Airplane-style overbed storage, spacious overhead storage as well as exterior storage areas on both sides of the vehicle are easy to use and maintain.

The F-MAX also offers a 90-degree foldable upper bed, an inclined head frame on the lower bed, comfortable and large bed mattresses, and a remote control unit in the bed area for drivers to relax when taking a break. The vehicle’s three-level door opening angle and fully sealed and water/dust-proof step cover enhances accessibility for drivers.

Cabin comfort in enhanced with powered interior lightning controls from the bed area and driver compartment, automatic climate control systems and steering wheel adjustment. A mini fridge and coffee maker are included in some models.

The driver’s seat in the F-MAX improves driver comfort with a 260mm adjustment range, high-quality, breathable fabric and ergonomic design to provide optimal lumbar support on the road. Best-in-class torsional cab stiffness, lower engine noise and sound absorbing trim design maintain low noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and interior quietness. The vehicle, also, has a braking feel that is similar to that of a car.

The F-MAX has additional exterior storage space.

Cost of ownership is a key attribute of the new F-MAX. Production and product development combined with increasing vertical integration give Ford Trucks a competitive edge in terms of its cost base.

The F-MAX offers a high performance engine with 500PS, 2500Nm torque and 400 kW braking power. Improved aerodynamics, powertrain calibration and technical features also ensure high performance in terms of fuel consumption with a six per cent margin of improvement over previous models.

Technical features include e- auxiliary power unit (E-APU) technology, eco-roll function, and predictive cruise control (max cruise). Up to seven per cent lower maintenance costs and long service intervals reduce the total cost of ownership. The F-MAX’s Ecotorq engine is designed to offer maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption under any road conditions.

A 12-speed ZF automated transmission and different drive modes such as eco-mode and power-mode help optimize fuel consumption. The F-MAX is also empowered by a variable-geometry turbocharger, a water pump and compressor with multiple working speeds, 400 kW engine brake power which achieves 1000 KW total braking power with the optional intarder.

The F-MAX provides driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, predictive cruise control (max cruise) with speed tolerance choices, advanced emergency brake system, hill launch assist, lane departure warning, adjustable speed limiter device and electronic stability control.

The 8” TFT colour wide cluster screen enables the monitoring of all parameters, from tyre pressure, temperature status to driver evaluation functions. Control switches on the leather steering wheel allows the driver to navigate between cluster screens. Truck-specific embedded navigation, web link and Apple CarPlay implementation, Bluetooth connection functions are presented within the 7.2” LCD multimedia soft touch screen.

The F-MAX’s headlight design illuminates the road more brightly, ensuring that nothing escapes the driver’s line of vision. Attractively designed manoeuvre-assist lighting, LED daytime running lights also enhance the vehicle’s lighting features.

So far, more than 1,000 units of the F-MAX have been sold worldwide. Turkey-based Ford Otosan, which manufactures the F-MAX for the Middle East, has increased the automation of its F-MAX production line by investing in a new fully automated welding and paint shop.