Chad: weekly koundul cattle market, between the informal and a strategic role


SOCIETY – In Koundoul, a small town located 25 km south of N'Djamena, the weekly market attracts every Sunday a colorful crowd of traders, farmers, breeders and so on. A zoom on the cattle market of Koundoul.

In fact, it is a market that does not exist. A football field erected each weekend in a cattle market also called "market-ground" . On the eve or in the early morning of Sunday, livestock farmers and other livestock traders leave the localities and surrounding villages like Mandalia, Kournari and sometimes those of Koundoul to make an appointment on this vast land adjoining a school. . Its particularity is its fleeting character.

Hassana, a pastor in his forties, with a turban and jacket, came from Mandalia only to sell his five rams. "This is a moment we are looking forward to. The money I find selling my rams allows me to support myself during the week, "he says.

A few meters away, Danna, another breeder discusses the price with some young people obviously N'Djamenois. But the market did not happen. These kids offered 20,000F and Danna asked them to add just 2,500F to take the ram. "It does not help me or I'll sell it to you," he told them. A daily newspaper full of discussions and talks.

Every Sunday, the place is hectic and noisy. 4 × 4 cars, clandomen and other means of transportation surround the market. Most of the city's guests come from N'Djamena and are either visiting or staying in Koundoul's private gardens to spend the weekend. Many prefer goat meat or mutton for barbecuing. This market is therefore a must. But the problems facing these pastoralists are the lack of basic infrastructure such as a fixed livestock market with water points and the lack of veterinary agents to control the health of animals to protect large meat consumers . Given the important and strategic role played by the koundoul cattle market, local authorities need to think about its structuring and formalization.


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