Chad: CDA sensitizes women and authorities on the phenomenon of depigmentation


Posted on 08.03.2019 at 09:36 by Georgine Motassi

It is in a press release published Thursday, March 7, that the Association for the Defense of Consumer Rights challenges women on the use of cosmetics strippers that harm the dermatological health.

The organization is very pleased with the progress made in the advancement of women. The Association for the Defense of Consumers' Rights (ADC), engaged in health prevention, seizes the opportunity to express its deep concern over the widespread use of cosmetic products removers (lightening products) by women to depigment themselves the skin, reads the statement signed Daoud Elhadj Adam, March 7.

The phenomenon of voluntary depigmentation is a serious threat to the health of the Chadian woman, because it causes dermatological complications and other serious diseases such as, high blood pressure, diabetes, endocrinopathies, the statement said.

Despite the extent of the health damage caused by the use of these stripping products in Chad, it is clear that voluntary depigmentation of the skin by women has become an unmarked practice observed in urban and rural areas and considered a normal act by our society, surprised the ADC.

The communiqué noted that the economic cost and its impact on physical and mental health constitute a real public health issue and a definite obstacle to the objectives of sustainable development, hence the need for prevention.


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